Best Apps To Manage Your Vacation Rentals

Any vacation rental needs technology to improve its operations. This is why we share the best apps for property management and hosts. And we couldn’t do it alone so we partnered with our friends from Doinn. The owners have so much going on with the bookings, different platforms, guest messaging, property costs, and all of that! …

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Hotel Management Guides: How to Calculate ADR

how to calculate ADR

If you’re a hotel manager or owner, understanding how to calculate and improve your ADR is a vital way of analyzing the performance of your property. It is a crucial KPI (key performance indicators) alongside RevPAR and Occupancy Rate. If you’re looking to improve your revenue growth strategies and find ways of maximizing profits, you …

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What Is RGI and How to Use It In The Hotel Industry

what is rgi

The hospitality market is competitive, so it pays off to understand how your business performs compared to your competitors. Key performance indicators (KPI) are statistics that can help you, and one of the most important is your revenue generation index (RGI). If you’re unfamiliar with RGIs, we’ve put together all the information you need to …

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How Does Work for Hotel Owners And Property Managers

how does booking work for hotel owners

How does work for hotel owners and property managers? is one of the largest online travel agents (OTAs) that caters to an international audience in over 220 countries. It’s been around since the late 90s and has expanded to service a variety of hosts. The site allows you to list any accommodations, including: …

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What is Yield Management and How to Improve it

Despite your best efforts, it’s always possible that hotel revenue may stagnate. Especially during the COVID era, managing businesses in the travel industry can be quite difficult, but correct yield management is always necessary for your hotel to thrive.  Generally speaking, yield management equals profit. It is merely the way to “sell the right product …

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No Cure-All for Vacation Rentals: How to Bounce Back After the COVID-19 Crisis

There’s no way to sugarcoat it: these are testing times for the Vacation Rental Industry. After almost a decade of high-speed growth and unicorn valuations, bookings have ground to a halt as the hospitality industry succumbs to worldwide travel bans and the prospect of an economic downturn.  At the time of writing, there is no …

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