Long-Term Luggage Storage in Paris

Looking for somewhere to store your luggage for the long-term, safely and conveniently?

Paris has plenty of storage options and this is Stasher’s helpful guide to finding the right place for you.

Stasher’s Luggage Storage in Paris

Why Stasher is the best luggage storage in Paris:  Ease of booking, 100+ central locations to choose from,  open 24/7 or until late, charging per bag not bag size (or sports equipment etc), alongside top of the industry insurance and low price rates, makes Stasher the obvious solution for your long-term luggage storage needs in Paris.  

As well, fast and responsive customer service, with multilingual speakers, is always very helpful! Our many excellent reviews can verify all of this. 

How Do Other Luggage Storage Solutions Compare to Stasher?

Luggage storage in Paris

Luggage Storage in Major Paris Train Stations VS Stasher

Paris Train Stations

There is no long-term luggage storage available in any of Paris’ train stations. Not to worry, Stasher has many locations that are able to store your baggage long-term and within 5 minutes walking distance of the stations! 

Gare du Nord, Gare de l’Est, Gare de Lyon, Gare Montparnasse, Gare d’Austerlitz: While there is luggage storage in these stations, it is not long-term, bags can only be left here for up to 72 hours. As well, the prices are very high, the price for lockers can range between €5.50 for a small locker to €9.50 for a large locker. 

Gare Saint-Lazare: This station has no luggage storage facilities at all! However, there are places to leave your baggage long-term with a Stasher host within 5 minutes walk.

Stasher Locations Near Gare Saint-Lazare

Some Central Areas of Paris Where Stasher Operates 

Stasher in Central Paris

Stasher operates all over central Paris, in a myriad of useful locations. Below are a few popular areas of Paris where Stasher can store your baggage for the long-term…

Close to the Eiffel Tower

Close to the Louvre

Close to Notre-Dame

Close to Montmartre   

Close to Palace of Versailles

Close to the Musée d’Orsay

Luggage Storage in Airports VS Stasher

Paris Airport luggage storage

Only 1 out of Paris’ 3 airports operates luggage storage facilities, however, it has extortionately high prices and restricted opening hours. Instead, why not store your bags long-term with one of Stasher’s multitude of trusted luggage hosts in locations all over Paris?

Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport luggage storage

CDG has luggage storage located in Terminal 2 and it is operated by Bagages du Monde. However, these facilities are only open between 6 am-21:30 pm so if you need your bags early or late this is not the option for you. Bags must be subjected to scans and potential searches, taking time and sometimes resulting in bag tampering. As well, prices are high, ranging from €15 for hand baggage to €18 for hold luggage storage per day. 

Orly Airport luggage storage

No luggage storage operates within the airport, however, Stasher has hosts that can store your bags, and are open 24/7, within less than 15km. 

Paris-Beauvais Airport luggage storage

There are also no luggage storage facilities at this airport but Stasher has plenty of secure and helpful hosts open all day and night in central Paris. 

What to Eat, See and Do in Paris

Paris attractions

There are an infinite number of world-class museums, beautiful shops, fantastic restaurants and cafes, so once you’re free of your baggage, happy exploring! Take a look at some of our travel blogs on Paris for some inspiration to get you started.

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