Quick London Guides: Things to Do in Camden Town

Eclectic. Eccentric. Exotic. For decades now, Camden has enjoyed its position as one of the most vibrant spots in the capital. With a wealth of live music venues, world-beating pubs and bustling market stalls, there should be something for everyone here — including those in a rush. So drop off your bags, cruise the canals and soak …

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Quick London Guides: Things to Do in Soho

Once upon a time, its unlikely that a 12-hour sojourn through Soho would have taken place in the day. Soho has traditionally been known as one of London’s coolest (and seediest) night spots — an eclectic mix of jazz bars, red lights and drinking holes. And while it still holds its reputation as one of the trendier, …

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Quick London Guides: Things to Do in Paddington

thames walk

Beyond the Station and its famous bear resident, Paddington has gained rapid popularity as a tourist hotspot in recent years. It’s easy to see why you’d make the trip from deepest darkest Peru — parks, canals and great shopping and restaurants abound in this well-located and vibrant district. Let’s take a look at what’s on offer. Things …

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