Quick London Guides: Things to Do In Islington

London has no shortage of exhilarating opportunities available to all visitors. If you want to make the most out of your time in the city, then it can help you significantly to check out its abundance of diverse neighborhoods. Islington is one such example. Here are the best things to do in Islington after you’ve stored your luggage in London with Stasher!

All About Islington

You don’t have to restrict your time in London to major players like Notting Hill and the previously mentioned Camden. That’s due to the fact that districts like Islington have no shortage of thrilling opportunities on hand to visitors and residents alike.

Islington, in a nutshell, is a Greater London district that is composed primarily of homes. Despite that, it still has so much waiting for people who want to have the times of their lives. More than 200,000 individuals in total reside in the district. If you’re searching high and low for things to do in Islington, your quest doesn’t have to last long at all.

Shopping in Islington

Islington makes a fine London destination for those who are keen on the idea of shopping and reveling in retail therapy for a while. If you want to “shop ’til you drop,” then you should head to action-packed Upper Street, pronto.

This street is a hub for all kinds of retail favorites. It doesn’t matter if you feel like shopping for a designer pair of jeans to wear for nights out on the town in London. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the mood to shop for skincare products, cosmetics, toys, books, electronic devices, home decorative components, or anything else along those lines, either. Upper Street can cater to any and all of your shopping requirements without issue.

This street isn’t just a haven for the shopping enthusiasts of the planet. That’s due to the fact that it’s also brimming with venues, dining establishments, lounges, and pubs galore. If you want to take it easy with a drink, Islington can serve you well. If you want to tuck into a hearty fish and chips meal, it can do the same. It can even please people who want to relish the finest entertainment options around.

Sightseeing in Islington

A day of exploring Islington on foot can be a joyous experience for anyone. You can take a close look at the famed Business Design Passage. You can see what used to be referred to as the Islington Chapel as well. It currently is named “Angel Recording Studios.” If you get glimpses of any of these destinations, it can feel like a blast from the past.

Some people also take the time to look into the Church of English parish church. It’s called St. Mary’s and was reconstructed all the way back in the 1750s. It has a spire that is an enduring signature of the district. People often think of it as an Islington symbol of sorts, and understandably. This widely known church is a prominent destination for people who are keen on religious music pieces. If you want to check out this kind of music in Islington, no destination can come close to St. Mary’s.

If you’re searching high and low for kid-friendly locations anywhere in Islington, then you should concentrate on the prominent Little Angel Theatre. It’s a puppet theater that is geared towards kids. It’s housed inside of something that previously was a Temperance hall in the back of the church. It’s steps away from the renowned King’s Head Theatre. This establishment has been in existence since the start of the seventies.

Don’t hesitate to go for a tour inside of the Islington Museum. This museum is right by the town hall. If you want to relish a thrilling public museum in the district, this one may be right up your alley. It’s been in operations since back in the spring of 2008. It accommodates the educational requests of people who wish to learn about heritage in the area. Islington Museum features a comprehensive gallery that encompasses everything from style and culinary offerings to war and the medical sector.

Restaurants in Islington

People who take the time to thoroughly explore Islington naturally need to take care of their appetites. Fortunately, there are so many eatery choices on hand in the lively district.

London is a paradise for people who are passionate about South Asian foods. It can be a terrific idea to go to Delhi Grill located on Chapel Market. This restaurant serves people who are enthusiastic about all sorts of authentic Indian meal options.